Born, grown up and groomed in the lap of himalayas, Nepal, I am a scribbling blogger working under different headings of life.  This site mainly deals with travel, lifestyle and photography interest  of mine but represents as a flagship of my all interests in life:  Business, marketing, teaching, travelling and generating creative activities.  With the help of many sites and platforms representing my interests,  I am headlong striving to be of help for the larger masses.  After my decade’s practice with  Dentistry (www.dentaltemple.com) , my bread and butter provider, I am finding these interests as an excuse to be less cubicle and more ground bound: Reaching out more people, connecting more masses, activating more dots, creating vibration like a Mexican wave  and creating smile en masse (in lieu of my traditional way of my dental school training:   Do one by by , day by day, patient by patient. )


Writing . (Self satisfaction.)

Photography . (Happening freak.)

Marketing. (Helping others grow. )

Life style. Culture. (Learning.)

Hiking.  Trekking. Travelling. (Living.)

New places. New tastes. New milieu. New society. (Knowing )

New food. Coffee culture. Books. ( Part of life )

Wayfarer, Wanderlust,  Itchy feet. ( Befriend )




Welcome !

My Reading/writing: www.dineshkarki.com 

My clinic: www.dentaltemple.com 

Coffee conversation : www.nepacuppa.com  

Local Travel Advice: Popular Things in Pokhara

Teaching to grow : loudandsmartmarketing.com

Children Grooming: ashridi.com

Coffee Culture: himalayagrind.com

Teaching what I know: vocabulary venue.com

Teaching to earn: properfolio.com

Guiding junior dentists: nepalidentistry.com

Guiding unknown dental patients: dentistinkathmandu.com

Helping dentists in their business: himalayandentist.com


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