Besides practicing dentistry in Kathmandu , Nepal, one of my fave pastimes is moving out: be it taking a walk for couple of hours on the way up to the hills around the city I am dwelling in or taking a month long vacation to go other cities for peace, happiness and creativity, be it lazing around a nice coffee shops for many hours (with coffee, book and lap-top in hand) or getting myself  sprawled on most tranquil places around the lush green and forest wreathed peace zones to unwind for more energy.  This blog merely represents all of these in the first place before nudging others to come out of their coves, cubicles and cosy corners of their day to day life.


Tourists, trekkers and hikers.

Somebody who likes to travel.

A person who loves to see new places, try new tastes and delve into new milieu.

Someone who wants to mix with new society.

The one who wants to be a happening freak.

A creature who is less cubicle and more outbound.

Wayfarer ! Wanderlust !! Itchy feet !!!

Welcome to Y’all.

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