Nepal music festival was taken place in Kathmandu, Bhrikutimandap with the following of Melodious singer Bipul Chhetri’s concert on 19th of November. Here is a crowd waiting for him eagerly and whiling away with other local bands’ performance.

himalayanpen, Bipul Chhetri concert.
Lush green ground, Bhrikutimandap, Kathmandu.


Gearing up till Bipul arrives on stage.

Here is a video LIVE recorded when Bipul Chhetri started Singing. 1st song he sang was “Kahama Katyo Betake Lauri” and the second was “Dadhelo Lagyo” which could not stop eagerly waiting crowd and fans of Bipul to dance.

Here are these two video which I posted from our you tube channel:

Dadhelo lagyo:

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