One of the very few rock bands with Nepali folk-touch music is nepathya and our generation grew up with the Nepathya and Amrit Gurung dai’s dedication to Nepali music.

Photo: Amrit dai ’s facebook wall.

As Amrit dai writes : सबैलाई गुड मर्निंग … हिजो सबै प्राविधिक तयारी सकेर सुतें… आज फ्रेस भएर उठें, काठमाडौंमा भएका साथीहरुलाई भेट्ने जोग जो जुरेको छ आज… साँझ भृकुटि मण्डपमा भेटौंला … in his facebook and Twitter.

For me, I have attended Nepathya/Amrit dai’s show 3/ 4 times that have left always a net-a-dull-moment. One was in then Royal Nepal Academy Hall around 2051 when Chhekyo chhekyo, Himal Chuchuri and more were in their peak and pop culture in Nepal was in its Hey-day.

Then it was Dharan circa 2061/62 when he along with other bands were in nation wide tour for a cause.

This time he is performing in Kathmandu’s cleanest place, Bhrikutimandap Garden where Bipul Chhetri also performed.

Hope to have a good time. C ya all there. Feb 29, 2020.

By Dinesh Karki, Blogger/Dentist/CoffeeLover