People who have been foolowing admin Dinesh Karki’s blogs have started sending eMail asking “what happened to the blog posting of late?”

First thing is life style and travel have been confined due to to covid’s reason. But, I am not inactive. i have been working of Dentistry Related new project that is being of help to energize dentists from around the places in Nepal.

Of course travel has been confined but virtually I have been travelling from western Jumla to Estern Biratnagar. That is by working with dentists practicing in that area.

Dentists in Nepal Dental Tree Nepal
Dental Tree Nepal

To work with local clinicians and knowing their local area name is fun. As I have been connecrting detntists with people, not knowing local place is impossible.

So sooner I will be sharing my ideas on local places, people and happenings gathered via my platform for Dentists of Nepal helping common people to connect their dentists nearby.