Nowadays, videos are one of the best ways of marketing your business. 
Vlogging and video information are really encroching the marketing market. 
For a video not to be desastrous, 
Content or script has to pesruasive, video quality is important, message has to be clear. It has to be not that long as well. 

So, you have to focus on 2,2,2: 
2 minute video, 2 message with 2 scenes. Best marketing can be via video. 

For videos: 
Good camera or stable mobile. 
Voice recorder or mobile. 
Good editing
Visible captions
Nice platform to post and air. 

Good camera for videos 
Good recorder 
Good caption writing tricks. 
Good editors 
Good platform 
Facebok page, twitter, web, instagram 

See our You tube and videos we have made.