After a massive earthquake more than a year ago we did not get disturbed mentally, we did not move emotionally, we did not even get shaken physically but some of our old relics got a chance to get renovated, rebuilt or rejuvenated. And, one of that important places for we all Nepali is Boudhanath Stupa.

It took more than a year to get its nice and blissful look again !

Here are some shots representing moods of Boudhanath during my three hours of blissful detour around the place.

Have a look at these shots!

Nepal, Himalayan, Boudhanath, Himalayanpen, dineshkarki Drdineshkarki, Nepal
While entering the Stupa, this is initial shot of Boudhanath.


Nepal, himalays, Kathmandu, Drdineshkarki, Dr Dineshkarki, himlayanpen,
As sun was slowly moving towards the hills, golden shine of one facade of the Boudhanath.


Nepal, Kathmandu, himalayanpen, himalayas, Dr dineshkarki, Dineshkarki
As sky starts scattering sheds, here are small stupas having photo-op with Boudhanath stupa.


From a nearby eatery, Boudhanath on the background .


When dark starts reigning, we bode bye to Boudhantha while moving home. Those eyes were still sharp and remain the same perpetually !

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