Coffee in Kathmandu and other towns of Nepal !


Who doesn’t like coffee?  You may find some exception, for sure. But, hardly anybody hates it especially creative people. Malcolm Gladwell to Seth Godin, Tony Robbins to Robin Sharma,  office workers, journalists and now housewives, too, are found talking and taking coffee at coffee houses. Its craze is being swollen up even without knowing its value among some city dwellers. ‘Tis great!  Anyways, it has better benefits than harms except sleep cycle changes in some early-to-bed people.

Coffee in Nepal, Nepali coffee house. Coffee culture.
I reckon this is not yet an age to be at coffee house. Still, his mom’s decision ! A foreigner seen at coffee house with her baby boy.


Coffee is a drink, bitter in taste with smell-buds-arousing aroma and sipped as per tongue’s need and interest: Hot/cold, with sugar/without sugar, milked/black, creamed/un-creamed, concentrated /diluted, and more and more varieties are added depending on constituents, concoction criteria and volume.

With the change of content, name of the coffee drink changes, let me start with espresso-a heart of coffee, is a neat strong coffee. If it is mixed with bigger volume of milk and less cream, it becomes latte, if diluted with hot water, it’s called as Americano and if diluted with small volume of milk and more cream it is called cappuccino. And, more.


Coffee in Kathmandu. Nepali coffee .
Americano ! Actually it was served me and this is my usual cup of coffee.


Some of the scenes seen at latest coffee houses in town are: Two girls come, order blended mocha, scoop out cum suck with straw, finish within 20 minutes and leave the scene.

A group of upstarts come, foray a big lounge, start making random round of noise, order common milk coffee, add spoons of sugar, slurps them and leave in a flock within 20 minutes.

A couple comes, sit putting each other’s hand at their love handles, sip lattes swapping their glasses as love exchange, find the place no more friendly and vamoose.

Middle aged foreigner drops in, orders espresso, gulps down and tops it up with fruit juice and starts browsing his mobile.

Nepal, coffee,
Usual coffee house scenes people delving into their works with the sip of coffee along.


A journalist comes, orders Americano, finishes all the daily newspapers and moves out.

Some grand dames come, relish bouts of cappuccino, laze around flipping through glossy magazines, giggle, pay relatively bigger bills and leaves being stimulated.

Similarly, a writer, a columnist, a web developer, a blogger, an NGO worker and the rest have their own choices and preference for different varieties of cuppa. For some coffee house is the best place to drop in and for some an awkward one.


Coffee was first domesticated in Ethiopia and then spread around the globe.

Coffee Nepal.
A coffee plant groomed indoor in a coffee house in Kathmandu.


Everything has benefits and harms as per natural rule but benefits outweigh harms in terms of coffee. It’s an antioxidant, removes drowsiness, becomes part of creative work and conversation which helps you grow in terms of creativity by kicking out lazy moments, limited dose do not have addictive effect, if you avoid more cream or more sugar, calories are not accrued.


The global trend is: When you go to coffee shop, it is best relished with conversation, socializing, creative works and reading in that space’s vibration.


Nepal Coffee
Coffee house is all about space and vibration as well. This is one of the coffee houses in Kathmandu- Himalayan Java.



In Nepal, organic coffee has been raiding more and more people by the day especially starting from upper class youngsters, creative circles and college going kids of well-heeled parents. Due to limited sell or less circulation, organic coffee is still expensive. A cup costs 60 to 150 NRs or even more depending upon places and their value. When it comes out for all and everyone starts loving it, the price may fall with its more availability and coffee culture would flourish as never before. And, whole Nepal, altogether, would stop yawning to be more creative and productive with the sip of espresso.


Coffee plantation, making it as a cash crop and doing business are promisingly going up, of late, in Nepal. Coffee houses are trying to invest good amount of money, especially cities like Kathmandu and Pokhara. And, market is extending.


Coffee, Nepal
Coffee house is a platform for many to grow and spread the info as well. Look at the bulletin board of Java which is always with full traffic.


So, amenable ambiance, energizing buzz and coffee quality really matter when you are in coffee house.

If you are a creative person searching for better milieu or if you love reading and searching for lazing lounge with nobody’s disturbance or if you find your free time not being easily vented out, try to find a coffee shop nearby and drop in. At least 2 hours a day means 60 hours a month and 730 hours a year. So, if you think you are squandering your precious hours daily, think twice and move out for a creative cove.

Nepal coffee
Happy Baristas to make your day better by the best coffee concoction they could offer.


Wish for your creative cuppa time !!

nepal, coffee
Energetic waiters gearing up to serve your choice of coffee !



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