Savannah ( another name of steppe or grass land in other places), Great Rift Valley,lake lands, and mountain highlands Kenya offers to its visitors. By default wild lives like elephants, rhinos and lions lions make home to it. Many wildlife reserves/ national parks including David Sheldrick wildlife trust and view of Mt Kilimanjaro which is on the abutting country, Tanzania are not to be missed.

Some interesting things about Kenya: a. Giraffe could crane its neck next to you to have a lion’s share of breakfast, b. you can eat hiding inside a cave c. Can go for a snake safari. Visa on arrival 90 days.


Photo: Pixabay


Total round trip air fare from Kathmandu: $900-$1000

Daily expenses:

Accommodation= $50

Meals = $10

Transportation= $10

Drink and entertainment: $70

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