Nepal is a beautiful country with a lot of places for trekking and hiking opportunities.

This time we are sharing a trekker’s tale as told to us and provided proofs (with copyrights) by Bijaya Babu Shiwakoti, who is a constant hiker and trekker.

He started his trekking from Melamchi bazaar and ended at Timure where he caught a bus to Kathmandu. It, altogether, took him nine days (he walks a bit faster), spent approx. 15000 Npr (he is non smoker, non alcoholic and vegetarian so cost is variable). He walked alone carrying his own knapsack.


Day 1: Started the trek from Melamchi bazar-Pokhare.

Four hours of walk. Trail is steep followed by gentle upward slope towards the end .


Day 2: Pokhare to Kakani to Shermathang to Tarke Ghyang.

Trail is moderately upward sloped at the beginning and almost flat towards the end and took about 7 hours.

Came across a monastery whose renovation was completed three weeks prior to the earthquakes of 2015 so, suffered damages again.

Day 3: Tarke Ghyang to Melamchi Ghyang to Thadepati

The trail is downward slope at the beginning and steep upward after about two hours of walk. Total time taken was 10 hours.

Worth mentioning thing of this day’s walk is got confused with the trail in the jungle and had to walk for extra hours during the night using the mobile flashlight.

Day 4: Thadepati to Ghopte to Phedi where Helambu part of trail ends and gosakunda trail section begins

This section of the trail took 5 hours of walking followed by rest due to previous day’s heavy walk and the next day’s expected difficult walk.

The trail is downward slope and moderately difficult upward slope.

For the first time in four days of walk, met fellow trekkers along the way and shared a hotel with them.

Day 5: Phedi – Lauribina Pass – Gosainkunda – Lauribina – Cholang Pati – Sing Gompa

The section of the trail took 9 hours to complete and the trail was steep for the first three hours followed by gentle downward slope for the remainder of the day.

Worth mentioning thing of this day was reached the highest point of the entire trek – 4600 mtrs of altitude and saw the mountains for the first time as the weather permitted a small window of opportunity.

Day 6: Sing Gompa – Thulo Syabru – Pairo – Bamboo – Rimche

Trail is mostly downward followed by gentle upward slope and took seven hours of walk.

Worth mentioning thing of this day was met a mountain biker from France who was biking in that trekking trail.

Day 7: Rimche – Lama Hotel – Ghoda Tabela – Langtang – Kyanjin Gompa

Trail is moderately upward slope followed by flat surface before reaching Kyanjin Gompa.

Saw the scale of devastation of the Langtang village due to earthquakes of 2015 and the efforts at rebuilding lives there.

Day 8: Returned the same trail up to Rimche and walked towards Sherpa Gaon

The trail took seven hours to complete and it was mostly downward slope with walk of about an hour of upward slope to Sherpa Gaon.

Walked along with horse and mules (and people managing them) for a couple of hours.

Day 9: Sherpa Gaon – Briddim – Ling Ling – Timure – Rasuwagadhi

The trail took nine hours to complete and has gentle upward slope at the beginning, downward slope for most of the day and flat road at the end.

Enjoyed the hot water spring near Timure and reached close to the China border.

Day 10: Took a bus from Timure, reached Syabrubesi, headed towards Dhunche and reached Kathmandu in the evening.


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And, here is a Youtube video made on his nine days Trek from Melmachi(Helambu)- Syaprubesi.

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