Gone are the days when we, who could not afford to fight or jump the queue to grab tickets from rowdy ticket booth , used to buy tickets in black to watch box-office-hit movies in Kathmandu’s hall. 

Ranjana used to show hindi movies but miasma emanating from the lavatory was used to being around your nose, Jay Nepal’s seats and chairs were without seat covers/ rusted hand-rests (and bugs crawling around) and Bishwo jyoti/ Kumari were the bests among available.

Then movie hall culture started booming with the start of Gopi Krishna’s multiple screens. Yet, that culture kept staying ordinary until Jay Nepal revamped into QFX. (I am not sure but I guess Nakim dai is behind it)

Now the city is mushroomed with so many fantastic theaters with easily available tickets with a bit steep cost, but compensated by quality. Global release of world class movies in sophisticated movie halls in K-town is possible, nowadays, for gentle movie goers. 


For me going to movie hall, of late, is almost zero. My latest ( that too long ago) foray into such sophisticated hall was for Avenger for the sake of my nephew and for Venom ( on one movie researcher guy’s request )

By seeing this photo on Gaurav Pokharel’s Twitter, it again reminded me those days. 

Once Ranjana hall showed Mohara, police had to be stand by to control crowd. 

One day, My I.Sc friend Purusotam Paneru and I watched night show Bombay, may be after our Physics’ exam, in Kumari Hall. I don’t know how Puru reached home ( Naikap) after that late night show. 

I watched Rangeela three times. 1st time, with black ticket (100 Rs for special)  in Biswojyoti, but, I missed the very 1st song ( crown jewel of the movie Rangeela). So, I had to repeat the next day. Third time I watched to repeat the enjoyment but was not worth. 

Shahrukh was great as he is nowadays. I did not miss his any flicks, then, but his Darr was one of the greatest one for us young guys. This photo ticket reminds me his another good one- Ram Jane that I watched at then Ramshackle Jay Nepal.    

Govinda’a dancing movies used to be too entertaining. His coolie no 1 Reminds me then pretty Karishma Kapoor and Gambler reminds me Manakamana hall, then new and big hall, which many now-a-days’ movie goers do not know. 

How many of you have memory of mid 90’s movie hall’s shows and buying tickets queue for Mohara, Rangeela, Bazigar, Darr and some famous Nepali flicks like Prem Pinda and all?