I used to write for another domain before. I left that one. Reasons are many: lousy and crooked host, untimely suspensions, not under me as they , in the first place, did not give me cPanal (my fault).

No worries !

In the mean time I learned lot of ideas to register a domain, link up with global hosts, start website, link up with designer sites and more. Very good friend of mine Mr Meghraj Dhakal helped me to pay a bill by letting his credit card to splurge from K-town, my well meaning friend Gobinda taught me some very useful things while starting a website and my other friends who always encouraged me.

So, pain I got from previous host gave me a chance to grow way way up.

I am starting my next session of blogging. Hope it will help me move faster, become more analytic, read more books, visit more places, meet many people, learn many new things and make some dough to foot my (writing time) beer-bills at hotels, cuppa joints and places.

Thank you all for glancing(if not reading seriously) at my posts in the past. Those were not that good posts which (I now confess) were not that worth sharing but from this blog onwards, I will write and post things worth sharing or at least telling to your friend.

Hereupon, I would like to start my new session of blogging from Kathmandu.

Pictures are as follow: Under the captions of Witness,vibration, Energy, Peace and imagination.

Pictures are was shot at peaceful and tranquil place in Kathmandu-Hotel Dwarika’s.
















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