One Canadian business  lawyer became my acquaintance in a hotel garden in Pokhara circa 2013.

Starting our 1st conversation,

he asked “Are you learning yoga, here?”

I said “No! why?”

“In this hotel lot of yoga learners and teachers are residing for the last 2weeks” He said.

Then, conversation went on.

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The whole hotel was booked for yoga trainer and trainees, except me who occupied left over room. He had dropped in to that hotel lawn from abutting hotel and I was there for different mission, both of us were not for yoga!


That seasoned traveller, in his 50s, from North America started preaching me on different issues starting from his college senior Malcolm Gladwell (seeing a book I was holding) to possible franchise of Hilton/Holiday inn’s (as I asked him about business ideas)  in Nepal. He talked all the more on peace and paraphernalia ranging from angry monk he met during his one of the travels, Bikram yoga (and controversy) and more. All issues he talked were helpful for me as a regular learner, yet yoga issues he talked were a bit new to me and became helpful to dig more out.

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These conversations ended up with the chug of beer at Busy bee and he vanished from that evening. I dint keep tab of him and hope he too dint (except if he keeps checking my blog, I guess, as he knows my blog address) but theoretical yoga knowledge he shared stayed with me.


From the next day’s breakfast time I started descrying yoga learners coming in flocks, chitter-chattering, for the breakfast. Foreigners, from different countries, of various ages, colours and body shapes  were learning Yoga there. Indian gurus and team were conducting yoga sessions.


One Brazilian middle aged lady, who was with her daughter, jokingly said “Look this is a result of Yoga. Don’t I look as young as she?” Only yoga or a thought process keeps her young, I got confused.

Young learner from Thailand said, “Yoga keeps me always fresh and I have got rid of my long-term constipation, most importantly.” Only yoga or also lot of water, fibrous food and life style keep her up to date with that kind of health? I pondered.

And, I asked head guru, “Sir, wrinkles in my forehead, which were there prematurely when I was even 20. Shall I wipe them out and look more charming?”

He said, “Older ones can not be removed but new ones from forming can be precluded”

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So, I came to the conjecture that my life style, food habits and thought process are enough for me at least to date. I don’t say I wont come out of my box, in near future, to stretch (this way and that side) that would be a way better way for my heart, muscle and soul’s hygiene.

Now, I know many yoga centres especially in Touristic areas , value of Yoga, Yoga made as a business, and more. My usual Yoga pose nowadays is lotus position with concentrated mind with the smooth music in the background.

Happy international yoga day! At least keep stretching yourself simply and manageable way (to be healthy) and feeling better.

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