Photography Basics !

Camera, Lenses, Filters, Tripods, Photo editors. 
Cemera receives light, lense let enter the light, filters modify the light, tripod helps camera to be stable. 

Camera depends on costs, brands and designs. 
Lens too depends of variety, quality and brand. 
Three kinds of filters are ND Filters, UV filter, Polarize . 
Tripod too has its different make. 

Types of Photography: Food , Goods, Portrait, Landscape, Wild and nature photohraphy. Depending on these interest, camera, lens and tripods are required. 

Photo is dependant on Exposure Triangle (ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture)

Othet determining factors for photos are 
Histogram: Shadows, midtone and highlights. 
White Balance: Presets, Custom WB & Color temperature. 

Photography tricks: Long Exposure, Night Photography, Camera angle and shot size. 

One of the most important determining factors: Framing and composition

Panorama shots / stithching them together. 

Camera Handling and safety

Flash Light

And other indispensable peripherals. 

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