In Nepal,
There was a time, when grabbing a (dot com) domain and hosting/ putting content inside it used to be a far cry. May be because I was not an IT person. May be because I did not have connection to credit cards or may be because it was difficult for everyone, then.
This picture was taken around 2007. Location : Pakhribas Krishi Kendra.
Circa 2007, I registered one domain ( with the help CyberSansar (they used to feature pretty nepali models then) team.
I still feel proud that my was 4 years older than SnapChat, 2 years older than whatsApp, 3 years older than Instagram, just 1 year younger than twitter, and just 1 and half year younger than You tube.
But my Domain had to die virgin as I was not along with resources for my IT endeavours.
Fast forward 2011, I again registered one ( that time it remained blank without being hosted/with content for a years and it again expired.
In 2013, One guy helped me to register, design and host a website charging me 20 odd thousand rupees. More than that money i paid ( even 20 times more ) it helped me bring myself back to writing habit, analysing habit, polishing my flair of writing, to evolve with my content and etc. But, alas!, his hosting company happened to be so sluggard that some glitches took many weeks to fix. So, I sacked that hosting/designing guy. And, the funniest part– that sacked host kept my domain with himself (because he has C-panal control ) and parked on auction. 400$ or so was the cost. 🙂
In lieu of being sad, I cheered knowing that my named domain has become famous of at least 400 dollars worth.
I did not bid for my ex-site. I just let it be parked there. And, rather, self-learned some more IT skills and asked a favour to my good friend living in the UK for credit card and started registering domains and hosting under Godaddy.
Now, I can register a site, design it, host it and take it to the floor within an hour. Even while walking. 😀 . To mention, I am working on 20 odd domains now 😀 They will, for sure, boil down to few in the years to come with hitting content and relevant issues.
But, good news is I have again got my past domain which helped me grow my blogging ideas.