94 year old Sir David Attenborough has broken the record of getting faster 1 million follower on instagram. The record he broke of Tinsel town beauty Jennifer Anniston’s previous record.

David is English Broadcaster and natural historian.

Anniston is an actress who is known for her acting in Friends.

Sir David gathered 1 million followers in four hours fourty four minutes that Miss Aniston gathered in Five hours sixteen minutes.

With the Sir David’s signing up with Instagram for reaching more people following by record break in gathering followers, Colleen Page writes commnet as follows.

Sir David Attenborough has been and still is the world’s best carer. He is now reaching a very old age and without him the world may collapse forever….this is how I feel anyway. He has dedicated all of his waking hours to showing us flora and fauna and the natural world, hoping that we would value and cherish this place……BUT NO….. generally humans are sooooooo greedy and selfish, only few of us really understand what Sir David is on about. I for sure will be one to stay tuned. I wish him every success with his message and hope fervently that most will really listen and hear what he has to say and then act upon his advice for the recovery of what is left in nature. If we as humans can do this together we may…..I say may survive as a species.

Congratulations , Climate Champion from Himalayan Pen Family.