Nepal’s capital is Kathmandu. As capitals are always busy and crowded worldwide, Kathmandu is not an exception lacking sufficient open spaces. It was all the more experienced during last year’s earthquake when all houses were empty and people tried to gather at open spaces: Be it somebody’s courtyard or a government’s grounds or a local play grounds.

As shown in picture below is a one of the rarely available biggest open-spaces available in Kathmandu which is located in the centre of Kathmandu. It is called Tundikhel. You could see half of it is fairly lush green and other half is on the brink of becoming bare and dusty. The reason is greener half is taken care by government (army post located nearby) and a barer part is open for public to play, walk, luxuriate in sun, dispose plastics they use etc. So, right half’s fate is mainly depended on Civic sense and responsibility.

This picture (bare-right half) asks question: Why public properties are not taken care by civilians as a responsible citizen to keep it intact and beautiful for future generations ?


Centre of Kathmandu, Ratnapark, Tundikhel.
Kathmandu Tundikhel.

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