It was once named as Burma, which one of the SEA ( Southeast Asian) nations with hundreds of ethnic groups. It is also abuts India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Laos and china. So, you can also enter here while travelling all these visa free (on arrival) countries except China and Thailand (Which are also cooperatively visa availing countries). Pagodas, Temples, Beaches, Monasteries, Caves, Rocks are some of the attractions in Burma. Do not miss Shwegadon Pagoda, Bagan Temples, Ngapoli Beach, Golden Palace Monastery, Kyaikto Golden rock among Many. eVisa 21 days.

Photo; Pixabay

Total round trip air fare from Kathmandu: $400-$500

Daily expenses:

Accommodation= $15

Meals = $10

Transportation= $30

Drink and Entertainment= $70

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