March 19, 2016.

My walking partners were not along that day. So, to continue with my new found habit, I did not give up, rather  took a leisurely walk around Godavari botanical garden following some flowers and having contemplative amble.

Here are some of the shots from the day you can have a look and even use if it is worth (but copyright is must).


Before boarding a bus to lagankhel, in Baneswor, I caught sight of these sages having their time-off and confabulating.



Another shot before the move: people relishing their road side read, New Baneshwor.


I did not board this bus but liked the gesture of the bus-staff with sheaf of morning earning.


Whiling away in the micro bus front seat on the way to Godawari.



Caution: do not enter the jungle , to go to Fulchoki, alone.


People seen in the garden area for having fun even with their baby with the crib.


Career of picnicking people.


Not so clean creek still people enjoying picnic around .




Picnicker’s pride, private ride.


Signpost for hikers and paraglider alike.


one of the Banal shots you all have come across.


Che !


People queuing up to enter Botanical Garden .



A kid plays with a bubble.


Usual seen: photo shot around garden.



Sky view from garden ground.



IMG_2869 copy
serene pillar place.



Stairway to heaven.


Excursion team from school .


A resting hub around the garden.


Lawn !


Log made steps.


Very famous Nepali tree.


Free flow. No stopper.


Sign posts .


A satrurday classground.


Verse to save flower.








Purple power




Thorn and flower.


Cactus !


When flowers are protected by thorns,


IMG_2969 copy


Even cactus competes and outgrows others.


Growing together.


Spines spines every where , no flowers to get saved there .


Yellow allures !


A little lady being photographed by her mom.


Greenhorns sooting greenery .


Photography students tried this frame, so I tried.


Hackneyed habit (of smart phone users).


Nature’s art is more entangled than artificial.


IMG_3042 copy
Aphorism unopposed.


Latest fad of city dwellers. But, it is beneficial.






Day ends at “Maila daiko hansako chhoila”.


Reward is shared. Somebody tries leftover.

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