Better hiking less (distance) than not. One of the Saturdays, one of the my hiking partners said he had a meeting in the afternoon. So, preferred having short walk of three hours. The route chosen was from Surya Binayak to Balkumari along the jungle and green Gundu abreast of open farmland which soon will be occupied by concrete as many were being prepared to plot and sell.

Dinesh Karki
SuryaBinayak Road.



Dinesh Karki
Raw pottery.



Dinesh Karki
Surya Binayak Temple.



Dinesh Karki
With Mr Hitesh Bhattarai.



Dinesh Karki
Couple cut shorting their path.



Blissful place.






Dinesh Karki
Dating duo.



IMG_3668 copy



IMG_3667 copy



IMG_3689 copy



IMG_3693 copy



IMG_3694 copy



IMG_3695 copy



IMG_3701 copy



IMG_3715 copy



IMG_3713 copy



IMG_3708 copy

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